Bishop Whipple

The faith, compassion, and commitment that Bishop Whipple showed to Indian people was extraordinary when you consider the racial tensions of the day and the commonly held belief that the extermination of all Indian people would be the only solution that would provide safety to homesteaders. In retrospect, however, the policies he promoted-such as relocating multiple bands to White Earth and individual allotment of lands-have had devastating impact on American Indians in Minnesota and across the nation. On White Earth Reservation, for example, the policies supported by Bishop Whipple resulted in the Ojibway people losing 781,004 acres of the 837,120 acres they had reserved through treaties with the United States government; less than 7% remains in Indian ownership and control. Massive land loss was repeated with few exceptions across the country, resulting in extreme, multi-generational poverty and Indian nations struggling for survival. That is why the mission of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation is that land within the original boundaries of every reservation and other areas of high significance where tribes retain aboriginal interest are in Indian ownership and management.  I believe that in this modern-day context Bishop Whipple would have been an active supporter of our mission.

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Bishop Whipple


Bishop Whipple~ St Andrews Church Waterville MN

What do you know of Bishop Whipple and St Andews Episcopal Church in Waterville MN? We have records of him being here as well.