Red Lake Reservation

Rev. Frederick (Fred) W. Smith

Episcopal lay minister Frederick W. Smith was educated in Faribault under the tutelage of Bishop Whipple.  Following this training he was in charge of the parish at the White Earth Reservation, where Archdeacon Gilfillan resided and Enmegahbowh was the rector-emeritus.

In 1863, Madwagaonint asked Bishop Whipple for his assistance in negotiating a more fair treaty for his band at Red Lake and Whipple accompanied him and other Ojibwe leaders to renegotiate another treaty that met their demands. Madwaganonint was eventually baptized by Whipple and later requested that a missionary be sent among his band at Red Lake. The Congregationalist church withdrew their mission and the St. Antiapas Mission was built in 1878. Fred Smith and Samuel Madison were sent as the first missionaries. Madwaganonint is buried in the Episcopal cemetery at Redby on the Red Lake Reservation.

Sophia Smith

Bandolier bag maker Sophia Smith and her husband, Episcopal lay minister Frederick W. Smith, spent most of their married years on the White Earth and Red Lake reservations. In 1877 they moved to Red Lake to establish an Episcopal mission there. The church at Red Lake was built in 1880 with $1,200 provided by Henry Whipple. The Smiths served at Red Lake until 1888, when Fred's illness compelled them to leave.

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